Musa Ambassadors

The Musa Academy is actively searching for Ambassadors for several languages:

Chinese Vietnamese Thai Qazaq

A Musa Ambassador is someone who represents The Musa Academy for the speakers of a language or a country. Their job is to make sure that Musa is adapted to that language, and that the necessary tools are available to use it. In addition, they are charged with promoting the use of Musa for that country with governments, educators, and the public.

The specific responsabilities involve:

Candidates should have excellent written mastery of their language, good English, a familarity with basic phonetics and digital typography, and of course share our enthusiasm for the Musa Alphabet. The job normally only takes a couple of hours a week.

If you know someone who might fit these qualifications, please pass them the link to this page. If you would be interested, please contact us at

Musa Collaborators

We're always looking for people who think Musa is a great idea, and want to help us advance it. In particular:

If you're interested, please email

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