Musa for Farsi
‏موسى برای فارسی‎

Farsi is also known as Dari in Afghanistan, as Tajiki in Tajikistan and as Persian in English. On this page, we'll present Musa as used to write the dialect of Tehran.

Farsi is currently written in an Arabic script not well suited to it. Musa writes it in Alphabet gait.


Farsi has six vowels, three short (in red below) and three long, the latter spelled with the Long mark in Musa :

 
ى i: و u:
ِ e ُ o
َ æ ا ɒ:

Farsi also features diphthongs, which are straightforward.

 
ow uj
 
ej oj
 
æj ɒj

The vowels of stressed syllables are written high.


پ ت چ ʧʰ ک ء ع ʔ
ب b د d ج ʤ گ g غ ق ‎¹ ɢ
ف f س ص ث s ش ʓ خ x ه ح h
و v ز ذ ض ظ z ژ ʒ غ ق ‎² ɣ
م m ن n ن ‎³ ŋ
ر ‎¹ r ر ‎² ɾ ل l ى j

¹ initial ² intervocalic ³ before velar or uvular


Now that you know the letters, why not try to read some Farsi written in Musa?

ز گهواره تا گور دانش بجوى

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