italiano Musa for Italian
L'Alfabeto Musa per l'Italiano

Italian is pretty close to Latin, so the Roman alphabet should suit Italian well. But there are a few odd points:

Musa solves all these problems.


Here are the consonants of Italian, with the current orthography in black and IPA in green:

p p t t z ʦ c(i) ʧ c(h) k
b b d d z ʣ g(i) ʤ g(h) g
f f s s sc(i) ʃ
v v s z
m m n n gn ɲ n(k/g) ŋ
l l r r gl λ
i j u w

Geminate consonants are simply doubled.


u u
é e ó o
è ɛ ò ɔ
a a

Stress, normally on the penultimate syllable, is indicated by a high vowel. Stressed vowels in open syllables are long, and written with the Long mark, except at the end of words. and never occur in unstressed syllables.


Now that you know the letters, why don't you try reading a sentence?

Chi non fa, non falla

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