Physical objects that are used to teach Musa are called manipulables.

Box of Shapes

Here's a fantastic resource: a box of Musa letter shapes you can make at home.

(Thanks to Logan Turner)

Alphabet Tiles

We've also made Musa tiles - these have an assortment of shapes designed for English. Here they are in a frame suitable for hanging.

To make your own, here are two image files with good tile sets for English:

And here's a third one with the tiles that English doesn't need:

The first two images show which backs go with which fronts - upper left with upper right, and so on - but we cut the printouts before applying them, so it doesn't really matter. Print these images - your choice of paper color - and cut along the gray lines. Glue them to 25mm or 1 inch tiles (we found them online). If you use sticky paper, you don't need glue.

Instead of trying to guess how much you'll need of each shape, just glue the shapes you need, when you need them. We put each pair of tops and bottoms (one for orthogonal stems and the other for diagonal stems) on opposite sides of the same tile, and we put a blank on back of every vowel.

We also tried lasercutting them, but the contrast is much better with paper, and it's much cheaper and less complicated.

Alphabet Blocks

And here are some Musa Alphabet Blocks:

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