Markup Test

This page shows Musa text with markup - visit this page to learn more about markup. If your browser extension is working, the Musa should have the same markup as the Roman. If not, you should see the markup tags from the Eminem font.

Musa text can be bold, italic, or bold italic.


It can be underlined, overlined, or struck through.


It can be aligned within a frame:


Left Center Right

Top Middle Bottom

  

  

You can mark it as a comment like this, visible in the source code but not in the browser.


You can indent it, or put it on a separate line.


You can mark it as a header.


You can mark it as a title.


You can mark it as its own paragraph.


You can use superscripts or subscripts.

 

It can be large, double, triple, or quad.


It can be small, half, third, or quarter.


The background might be clear, so you see whatever is behind it.


Or the background might be a color:

white,  rose,  yellow,  lime,  cyan,

azure,  magenta,  gray,  cherry,  olive,

emerald,  teal,  navy,  purple,  black.


     

    

    

The foreground might also be a color:

black,  cherry,  emerald,  navy,  gray,

yellow,  cyan,  magenta,  white


    

   

Finally, you can specify the font:


Subtitle Musa Ruby 

Tomokana Musa Ruby 

Roman Musa Trans 

Ripe Musa Trans 

Numeric Musa Trans 

Pygmalion Musa Diacritic Pygmalıon Musa Dıacrıtıc

Surshery Musa Diacritic Surshery Musa Diacritic

Eminem Musa Markup 

Hentrax Musa Element 

Tartaglia Musa Formula 

Underipe Musa Ruby 

Dushan Musa Alphabet 

Kraljevo Musa Alphabet 

Taunus Musa Ligature 

Yousuf Musa Ligature 

Tharbis Musa Abugida 

Njoya Musa Syllabary 

Ramanujan Musa Akshara 

Zhou Musa Fangzi 

Yasuhiro Musa Kana 

Penflower Musa Cursive 

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