Learning Aids

To help you learn how to read and write English in the Musa alphabet, we offer a variety of learning aids. Use the one(s) you find most useful!

Shape Names

Here are the names for all the Musa shapes:

Picture Alphabet

Here are memorable images of all the Musa letters and numbers used for English:

Color Vowels

For those of you who are familiar with the (excellent) color vowel system, here is a chart of the vowel colors:

Vowel Nicknames

The color vowels are a great way to talk about the English vowel sounds when they're written in the Roman alphabet, where they don't each have their own letter. That's not a problem in Musa, but here's another aid: nicknames that help you associate vowel sounds with letter shapes. Each nickname includes the sound it represents, and hopefully also evokes the shape of the letter. Here are some hints:

Yawn depicts an open mouth.

Bobby represents the helmet of a London constable.

Arena and Diamond represent the unstressed vowels in the word.

Shield, Hoop, Vale and Bowl only occur in their long forms in English, with a following Long mark.

The bottom two rows show some nicknames used for consonants.

Letter Charts

Here are two simple charts of the English letters, suitable for printing.

English Vowels
 green silver  purple wooden  blue
 gray red mustard  auburn  rose
 white black  almond olive  brown
 turquoise mocha amber golden  fuchsia
 beer  pear  scarlet  orange  gourd
 fire  flour  manure
English Consonants
m n ng
b d dz j g
p t ts ch k
tsʰ chʰ
v dh z zh
f th s sh
l -đ- - h ll
y r - -h w

IPA Charts

Here are charts showing the correspondence between the IPA and Musa:

Color Digits

Here are all the Musa digits, along with their color codes:

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